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Smart Home Products——Smart Remote Control


Smart home products - Smart Remote Control

Smart home systems, intelligent remote control is very important and very broad application products. It can focus on all the electrical control of many functions, it can be integrated with lighting control, security control functions, we focus on - the smart remote control. Here we will respectively intelligent control type, media entertainment, as well as extended functionality to introduce three categories respectively.

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Lift the remote control, I believe that everyone is not strange, not even in kindergarten children know it, it is an electrical controller inseparable from our daily lives. Whether it is air-conditioning, TV, or DVD, fans, different appliances are equipped with different functions of the remote control. These different size and shape, different functions of the remote control also occupy a lot of space in our homes, but also for the elderly and children to learn so much of the remote control to operate there is a certain degree of difficulty.
Among the many types of remote control, entertainment remote control also accounted for a considerable proportion. It is basically the main control a home theater system, such as an entertainment remote control can control up to a dozen terminal devices, including TVs, plasma, projectors, video recorders, personal video recorders, DVD players, satellite, cable TV set-top boxes, amplifiers, receivers, DVD players, computers, etc., there are some even lighting control functions. All three are listed to the right of the remote control are all home entertainment, fully meet your home entertainment functions.
Imagined it? The remote also can and credit card combo! Sony has such a new product, it is the most special place is that you can read the Sony Felica chip card authentication on the remote control (of course, cell phones or other products authorized by Felica RFID transmitter signals also, but the credit card is always fit )······

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