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Smart remote control and equipment will be upgraded


Smart Remote is a remote control device can be realized voice, touch and gesture control.

Manufacture of smart devices is one of the seven areas of national strategic emerging industry raised, in which intelligent devices is one of the key directions of high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Manufacturing speed up industrial restructuring, will develop in the direction toward the high-end manufacturing development of smart devices has important strategic significance to enhance the core competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. Development of intelligent remote control manufacturing industry is a major strategic layout of the Company.

Intelligent equipment industry introduce intelligent device refers to a prediction, perception, analysis, reasoning, decision making, control functions of the device in general, it is the advanced manufacturing technology, information technology and artificial intelligence technology integration and product integration of the equipment. Intelligent equipment industry reflects the requirements of intelligent, digital and network development of the manufacturing sector. Level smart devices can measure the level of a country's level of industrialization.

Intelligent equipment industry range of smart devices industry include the following aspects: high-end CNC machine tools, intelligent measurement and control devices, the key infrastructure components, major integrated intelligence equipment. For example, overhead gantry CNC five-axis milling machine tools, large-scale fast and efficient automatic CNC punch line, ultra-heavy-duty CNC horizontal boring lathe; smart grid advanced measuring instrumentation (AMI), based on automatic welding production line robot, intelligent composite material equipment, digital workshop and so on.

The current status of the development of domestic smart equipment industry in recent years, the rapid growth of smart devices industry, initially formed a certain scale. In 2009, the smart device industry sales value of about 360 billion yuan, in 2010 smart device industry size of about 400 billion yuan. With the implementation of major science and technology projects and key national projects, a breakthrough precision, high-speed machining centers, heavy-duty CNC milling machine, 36,000 tons of ferrous metals vertical extrusion machines and other key products. In addition, the intelligent equipment industry to form a group of internationally competitive enterprises. Smart device industry in the future development prospects in the industrial environment, state support for smart device industry, intelligent equipment industry is expected to reach an annual growth rate of 25%. At this rate calculation, in 2015 industrial output value of smart devices will achieve the goal of 1 trillion yuan, and its development prospects. 2020 will be our smart device industry training to become a leading industry in the international force. Establish a sound system of intelligent equipment industry, industry sales revenue more than 3 trillion yuan, the domestic market share of over 60 percent, intelligent automation equipment and manufacturing process.

Intelligent remote control as an intelligent device importantly, our company constantly optimize the industrial upgrading, creating an industrial upgrading a miracle, we believe that with the continuous efforts of the Division I and state support for smart devices, intelligent remote control In such a development opportunity, will promote industry promotion to the ball, create the next brilliant achievements.

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