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Smart TV must-four wireless capabilities


And smart phones, smart TV can be installed in addition to APP, access to the Internet, you need a full range of wireless connectivity. However, the use of television sets and mobile phones are also very different, in the selection and use the wireless capabilities of smart TV also has a unique place. Today we'll discuss some of the essential wireless Smart TV functions and play.
IR - new ways to let the phone turned universal remote control
       This is basically all television will be provided, because the traditional way via infrared remote control is used to control the TV. IR now also has a new play - if you have a built-in infrared function Android phone, you can give it to install remote APP (such as a remote Wizard), allowing the phone to transform into a remote control. And these not only can control the TV remote control APP, can control set-top boxes, air conditioning and other electrical or SLR cameras.
2.4G-- intelligent remote control necessary
IR remote control button on the remote control can only meet the traditional needs, and now smart remote control function keys are not limited to the long. Such as Lenovo S9 is only one button on the remote control, relying on built-in gravity sensor to control the TV, music as a super remote control provides voice, air mouse, touchpad and other functions, which require more advanced 2.4G wireless protocol job.
     But there are many products are not built 2.4G, even provides intelligent remote control also need to plug a USB receiver on the TV job, it should not take up more USB interface. When you purchase a TV that needs attention.
      Bluetooth - a wireless mouse, keyboard, handle, speakers, headphones
      Smart TVs often need to access the wireless keyboard and mouse, ordinary wireless keyboard and mouse on the host needs of each plug in a USB receiver, what accounted for two USB ports, then think about moving what if the hard drive will seem cramped.
Then a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse you can play to our strengths, and if your TV built-in Bluetooth capabilities, it can wirelessly connect multiple Bluetooth devices without the need to take should not have more of USB interface. In addition, there are many Bluetooth devices can be used on a smart TV, such as game controller, speakers, headphones.
Bluetooth can bring a lot of convenience, but the built-in Bluetooth TV but only a few, such as music, as the X50 Air Arts Edition and S50 Air football version equipped with Bluetooth, fully equipped version is not available. The purchase if there is demand but also to look at.
       WIFI Wireless - priority Dual Band Wireless LAN and dual transmitters and two receivers antenna
       Wireless networks can make the room more clean, so now the network cable has been almost eliminated. After entering 2014, the mainstream smart TVs have built-in wireless card, this point people are very happy.
        But the wireless card is good and bad points, because the most common use of smart TV is online watch video, which requires wireless network card can be a highly stable enough sex. Enhance wireless LAN performance and stability generally start from two directions, one is the use of 2.4G / 5G dual-band wireless card (2.5G band better performance), the second is to use MIMO antenna dual transmitters and two receivers. Priority should be given when purchasing the TV these parameters. Music as the TV Super TV from 2014 to universal coverage of the dual-band antenna and dual transmitters and two receivers.

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