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Smartphone remote control smart appliances


 With the advancement of technology, mobile phones have become indispensable in the life of communication tools, a variety of smart phones not only functional, but also replace MP3, MP4, watches, digital cameras ...... but have you thought about, lying in bed does not move, Even in the unit or on the way home, as long as there is a network, you can pick up the phone to control home air conditioning, water heaters ...... development of smart phones and smart appliances, so that these have appeared in the movie scene gradually become a reality.
        Yesterday morning, reporters visited by major shopping malls found that many brands of home appliances market blowing "smart wind." Into the light of an electronics shop in the street, automatic climate control, smart refrigerators, smart water heater ...... dazzling, automatic frequency, automatically sensing the environment, thermostats and other features everything. Reporters learned that some brands of air conditioners and water heaters even a phone to remote control. In front of a brand-conditioned counter, salesman told reporters that they produce air conditioning can be controlled by a smart phone, just download a mobile remote control of the AAP, which can realize the air conditioning is controlled by the model configuration. If you want to achieve in the workplace or on the way home to open the home air conditioning in advance, it would need an intelligent terminal installed in their homes, as long as the phone can connect to the Internet, you can achieve in advance to open the home air conditioners, water heaters and other intelligence. In addition, the salesman said, in fact, many products have achieved a smart home, such as curtains, windows, TVs, cameras can be remotely controlled.
        Take your smartphone when remote controller for the public Yang is too familiar. Yang Huawei last year bought a certain type of phone, the phone comes with a remote APP, regardless Yang at home or eat out or in the workplace, can be used to match the appliance model, the realization of the TV to switch channels through their mobile phone comes with APP, Adjustable air temperature.
           Reporters open the phone, enter "remote control" two keywords, a time remote worry, Remote Control Wizard, master remote control, remote assistants and other remote control software appears on the screen. Reporters randomly selected software, called "Remote Wizard" test, open the software inside remote control, TV and other selection module can be used with infrared equipment.
           It is understood that these prices are slightly higher than ordinary household appliances intelligent home appliances, more attention was young. An industry source told reporters in the appliance industry, smart appliances is a trend for future development, but the promotion did not go smoothly in the market. Buy smart appliances, you also need an additional few hundred dollars to buy a smart terminal, a lot of people think it is not necessary. The second is the mobile phone remote control must be under the premise of using the internet, and many models of mobile phones can not fully match the corresponding brand appliances, very easy to use, but with the smart phone features continue to improve, I believe people will enter the era of intelligent life ??

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