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Stations using the remote control illegal profit


In the tanker in the installation of a remote control device to achieve the purpose, the gas station is being investigated. Recently, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau informed that the media, this is the first discovery of gas station use high-tech "steal oil" case.

Remote control chip stealing oil

September 23 afternoon, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau received reports owners, a gas station on the highway within the town, when the purpose of refueling with a remote control device. The owner said, when he was refueling found the staff's hands have been stuck in his trouser pockets, behavior is abnormal, and after refueling, he obviously felt inadequate fuel. Under angry, he found a body of staff, and found a remote control from his trouser pockets.
After receiving the report, the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision law enforcement officers immediately rushed to the scene, open the lid of the tanker, it was found that tankers were converted, the display panel and the other tanker obvious difference, the interface panel and data lines installed the chip and the signal receiver, and seized four gear remote control can control the amount of fuel.
Professional and technical institutions test confirmed that the refueling station using remote control device is formed over the state allows standard error. It is understood that the tanker refueling, the national standard for the thousandths allowable error, and the remote control device may result in the lowest three percent error, up to fifty percent can cause errors.
According to reports, the rare gas station or the first time illegal manner. Currently, this station has been ordered to cease operation. City of Quality and Technical Supervision, County Market Supervision Bureau, Chinese oil companies have been involved, will conduct random checks within all stations, once discovered, will be dealt with severely.

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