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Supports Up To Four Devices: PDP Release PS4 American Media Remote


While next-generation game console PlayStation 4 main purpose is to casual playing computer, but there are many users will use it to serve as a media player to use, this time there is no gamepad looks like the convenience of a traditional remote control to direct the . To this end, the famous American accessories company PDP (Performance Designed Products) on quietly launched a PS4 media remote control, the device has received official certification Sony, and is now in the United States and other sites Amazon and GameStop pre-sale price of $ 29.99 , or about 186 yuan, the official started selling time is October 31.

PDP PS4 for now only the black version, no shortage of the future will add to the white set, its overall design in addition to the bottom than the word PS4's little difference with the regular TV remote control, the button functions are more abundant and more complete, with have DualShock 4 handle specific control buttons corresponding to the control keys. PS4 media remote control is connected via Bluetooth mode, and supports up to four devices access, in addition to the PS4, this remote control can control the TV, set-top boxes and audio receivers and so on. Like ordinary remote control, PDP PS4 requires two AAA (the 7th) batteries to drive, and power everyday situations can persist for six months or more.

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