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SURE Universal Remote for Android landed at Mobile World Congress - Shanghai


    London, July 14, 2015 - for digital media, home automation, online to offline (O2O) and IOT leading smartphone Tekoia universal remote control solutions provider for the first time at this year's Mobile World Congress - Shanghai Expo showcasing SURE universal remote.
    SURE universal remote global launch a year ago, downloaded nearly 100 million people. SURE universal remote control so that consumers can control their connected home. This infrared remote control is compatible with about one million kinds of devices, including TV, sound system and air conditioning. Moreover, SURE WiFi Universal       Remote can also be audio and video content from your phone to a smart TV. It helps consumers to abandon homes more than confusing remote control, just to control home appliances via smart phones.
    Tekoia has reached a number of cooperation agreements with a number of well-known leading technology       companies. Most notable is the Tekoia high prestige was recognized IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator project. This project will last 24 weeks, Tekoia submission of applications from about 100 start-ups to the fore.
      By IBM Bluemix cloud services, SURE Universal to create multiple online and offline solutions that can provide better customer service and support. For example, users simply press a button to call customer service team.
Tekoia CEO Viktor Ariel, said: "It is predicted that by 2020, half of the world will be connected to the Internet appliance, electrical connection 30 billion things we are proud to say, SURE universal remote control will make it easier for consumers to use. these appliances, and provide better customer service and support online to offline. "
     Ariel went on to say: "We started with home automation and networking service provider was in Asia, a partnership of e-commerce companies, advertising agencies and client service providers."
Interested parties may 2015 7 月 15 日 (周三) to 17 (周五) went to visit booth C60 Hall W5 SURE universal remote.

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