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Teach how you paired set top box remote control


Learning function Instructions:

1: The set-top box remote control with the original TV remote control infrared emission tube aligned along the same line, a distance not more than 5 cm, can not shake;
2: Hold down the set-top box learning remote "Settings" button and hold it for 3 seconds, to see the lights on the remote control from dark to light and when lit, into the learning state (within 10 seconds inactive);
3: After pressing the remote control button are learning (such as the power button on the original TV remote control) for about two seconds to learn, set-top box remote control when it receives the signal indicator flashes quickly, after receiving a successful indicator will flash slowly maintained under long bright;
4: Press the button to learn (such as the power button on the remote control set-top box), after the key indicator will flash three under after holding a long bright, indicating success has been learning, according to the "Settings" button to save and exit the learning function, the light goes out, completion;
5: The above method can be accomplished by other key learning. (Learning remote control in general learn only the original TV remote control "TV Power", "volume or channel", "TV / AV switch button")

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