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The combined method of digital TV set-top box remote control and the TV remote control


The first method of operation:

The first step: the digital TV set-top box remote control setup button press and hold, then after a few seconds, the light will be constant, then release the set button.

Step Two: Press the button on the digital television set-top box remote control to set
The third step: the launch of the two controller ports relatively far, press the corresponding key you want to set up the TV remote control
Step Four: If the third step is successful, digital TV set-top box remote control constants indicator blinks, then you can then click the Settings button. So the first key is set finished.
Step Five: Follow the same method to continue setting the other button.

The second method of operation:

The TV remote control to learn the digital set-top box remote control
Digital set-top box remote control of the upper left corner there is a "Settings" button:
The first step: Click the "Settings" button, probably like two seconds, above the remote control will have a red light, a steady form.
Step two: the original TV's "Power", "Volume +", "Volume -", "video" in one key press. Note that this time, the TV remote control to launch tubes and digital television reception pipe to be facing. If the third step is correct, then the digital TV often lights will flash. Release the button, such as click "Start" button.
The third step: Click the corresponding TV above "Power", "Volume +", "Volume -", "video", flashing lights will lit display.
Step Four: Click the "Settings" button, so put the television learning key signal to the digital TV remote control to go above. Lights will go out.


1, volume, etc. Other key by the above four steps can be performed.
2, in actual use, these instructions can not be found on the remote control digital TV's instructions.
A third method of operation:
The first step, first we need to set the TV's remote control and set-top box remote control relative to the top,
The second step, to find a small area of the upper left corner of the set-top box remote control (which is dedicated to control the TV's keypad), press "Settings" button,
The third step, on the TV remote control and pressed the button you need to set (for example, volume keys "+"), while holding down the same key set-top box remote control small area "+", stay 1 to 2 seconds bell, green STB will flash on the remote control,
The fourth step, press the "Settings" button, volume "+" is set OK, a few other keys are the same operation is very simple.


If wrong, you can re-set once, until it is correct. Two remote tip should always relative.
1, the set-top box remote control can only learn part of the TV remote control function, usually the power, volume, channel several.
2, the two head to head aligned with the remote control.
3, there is a study on the set-top box remote control key, click into the learning state.
4, the press set-top box remote control to turn the key, for example the power key.
5, press the power button on the TV remote control, to OK. 5. Repeat the above 4, continue to learn other keys.
The above process every step of the set-top box remote control light blinks, stops blinking on behalf of this step is OK. There are detailed instructions on the set-top box.

Top box remote control learning step

⑴ SET / Settings button: hold about 3S, the corresponding LED is lit, then press the button remote control code to be stored into the learning mode, the corresponding LED flashes, is waiting to receive a remote control code state. Will be learning remote control transmitter head is on the learning remote control receiver, a distance of about 1 to 3 cm, press the button on the remote control to be learned from 1 to 2 seconds, the learning remote control receiving and storing remote control codes, the corresponding LED Fast flashing three times after a long bright, reply to wait key state, under a remote control code learning, learning all the keys until completion.
⑵ in the learning mode, press the SET / Set key to exit the learning mode. More than 30 seconds without operation, automatically exit learning state mode.
⑶ in the learning process, if not learn to correct code, the corresponding LED flashes only look after the return to flashing. At this point, you can continue learning until learn the correct remote control code so far.
⑷ button to learn to use: In the learning state, learning to remote code memory. Non-learning mode, press the key learning component, the corresponding LED flashes emitted by learning to remote code according to the mode.

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