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The difference between the infrared, 2.4G wireless and a bluetooth remote control


The remote control is a remote control device for remote control device. TV can not do without remote control, remote control is also an important tool for us to sit directly on the television to operate on the sofa. Remote refers to a remote control for remote control mechanical device called a remote control. Modern remote control not only feature-rich, while there are many remote control, allowing users to experience better TV.
From the remote control signal classification, and now the TV remote control is divided into the following three categories:
Infrared remote control
Infrared remote control is such a non-visible infrared to control the TV. By infrared into digital signals that can be recognized TV remote control you can remotely control the TV in the far distance. However, due to limitations imposed by infrared, infrared remote control does not pass through an obstacle remote control or with a great perspective on the remote device. Infrared remote control can say our family is the most commonly used types of remote control. This type of remote control low manufacturing cost, high stability, and no additional setup. Join our infrared remote control failure, and also be able to easily find a replacement remote control. But also because the infrared signal is not encrypted, if placed in an environment with more than one device, use the same remote control is prone to multiple remote devices simultaneously, which can sometimes be inconvenient for our operations.
2.4GHz wireless remote control
Core 2.4G wireless remote control is 2.4G wireless module. Wireless remote control currently in TV remote control in the increasing popularity. This remote control signal transmission successfully solved the drawbacks of the infrared remote control, can be in the house all angles the TV remote control. Including the current mainstream wireless mouse remote control and wireless keyboard remote control, wireless game controller all in this remote control type.
Compared to the traditional infrared remote control, 2.4GHz wireless remote control out of the directional problem, we can in the house anywhere and any angle using the remote control to operate the device without worrying about device can not receive the signal problems. This is definitely a godsend to have space for remote mouse operation. Further more the signal bandwidth of 2.4GHz, which allows remote control more complex operations, such as voice and somatosensory operation, which makes remote control experience better. But 2.4GHz is also not perfect, since we use the same WiFi signal in the 2.4GHz band, so in many cases equipment, 2.4GHz devices can sometimes cause interference between WiFi and thereby reduce the accuracy of remote operation. However, this situation only occurs in very extreme circumstances, the general user without undue worry.
Bluetooth Remote Control
Bluetooth remote control is the use of Bluetooth wireless technology for data transmission, up to now use the Bluetooth 4.0 standard equipment. We all know that most places appeared more Bluetooth Bluetooth headset, mouse and keyboard are also part of the computer using Bluetooth, but currently used in household appliances is still relatively rare. The benefits of Bluetooth remote control is through pairing with TV completely independent signal transmission channel, thereby avoiding interference between radio signals of different devices. And because Bluetooth signal transmission encryption is very good, we do not have to worry about the signal transmission is acquired others. As a complement 2.4GHz technology Bluetooth remote control is also a developing trend. For now, a Bluetooth remote control also has some problems, for example, you need to manually when using the remote control for the first time and equipment pairing action delay is high, high cost, these are Bluetooth problems to be solved.

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