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The fourth-generation laser TV will be released


Hisense Group CEO and OLED publicly broke off from the wrist, he judged, from historical laws technical point of view, this is a color TV display technology alternately the most critical year, the layout is essential today. He pointed out that as the mainstream display technology, LCD technology has been born more than 50 years, but it really began to spread in 2000 after. Ten years of development, although still the absolute mainstream technology television shows, but in recent years, innovation highlights gradually reduced, leading to lower prices of the industry, corporate profits are not high. As OLED TV display technology industry, although after ten years of effort, now is not yet as a mainstream display technology dedicated to the market. Five years how to do it? Who replacement for 5 years after that? A motion is the hope to find the answers.

His choice, one based television LCD technology continues to increase innovation and investment in order to improve the display effect, enhance the competitive advantage of technology; the second is a replacement for 5 years after the firm chose Hisense laser TV, especially the big screen TV.

"Someone CRT display technology as the first generation, PDP, LCD as the second generation, OLED as the third generation, the laser as a fourth-generation, Hisense efforts: through innovation to maximize the second generation, but direct leapfrog The third generation, to develop fourth-generation laser TV. "A motion says, Hisense do display technology in the history of the" Challenger. " Through their own efforts, the fourth generation "Front", form a synchronized competition.

He further predicted that if the OLED display as the mainstream in five years, the laser may mature earlier than OLED, 2016, the large screen and large-screen laser TV will be widely recognized by consumers, and quickly into the home. Down, the laser display technology, the display will become a star, especially by virtue of its shape a new, large-screen, true color, and low cost advantages, the desire to select 65-inch and above large-screen LCD TV consumers, with irresistible temptation, and change their choice.

Hisense also said it will launch a thickness of less than 5mm thin ULED, and the first big-screen brightness laser TV LCD TVs achieve levels of color gamut than OLED TV, and serialization. These actions will undoubtedly confirms A motion of two options.

Hisense laser TV

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