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The new Philips bulb intelligent wireless remote control exposure


Although Philips in the field of smart phones it is not enough to force the introduction of the product did not cause any repercussions, but in the smart living area where Philips's products is still very appealing, such as smart lamp and the like. According to FCC documents exposed recently that they intend to launch a special wireless intelligent lamp Hue Wireless Lights of the wireless remote control Hue Dimmer Switch.
      According to the introduction of wireless remote control Hue Dimmer Switch is a relatively simple and compact product that can be used to Hue Wireless Lights product line all product control. There are four buttons, switching and dimming, via ZigBee technology Remote control operating range up to 12 meters away. As well as a mounting base on the wall.
       This new product is intended to compensate for the lack of intelligent lamp control, to meet the user in simple and quick operation more conditions.

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