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Sony to push innovative product: the new remote control and electronic paper watch


Sony disclosed on the 6th to the media can operate multiple appliances and a new remote control from the electronic paper to watch. We are moving away from such as "Walkman" and other popular products original Sony in promoting structural reform within the company while still committed to the development of specialty products.
Sony set up last April by the president Kazuo Hirai directly responsible for the "new business creation unit" to solicit employees new product ideas, held every three months, including external examiners participate in the "selection will be" received a total of 400 last year copies of the applicant.
In the first "selection meeting" it was rated "qualified" remote control can operate a TV, air conditioning, lighting and other appliances. Like smart phones can switch each appliance operation screen. It is reported that the amount has not been determined when production.
Watch is to achieve a dial and strap integrated design, there are 24 kinds of styles to choose from. Priced at 29,700 yen (about 1503 yuan). We are accepting reservations, is expected to begin shipping in late November.
New business creation unit served as Minister of Small Tajima extending the 6th stressed that at the press conference held in Tokyo: "Sony is expecting to challenge new things people want to promote the development and business development.."
Sony in January this year, the network was set up to carry out all the chips and net sales of the business website "First Flight", the company plans to develop the products are also disclosed herein to obtain market views.

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