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Throw away the remote control! Universal remote control's infrared redefined


Today there is a common smart TV's remote control at least 20 buttons, shapes and sizes, parents wearing reading glasses is difficult to accurately operate; TV, air conditioning, electric fans ... With more and more smart appliances at home the number of remote control more and more, to get air conditioning, remote control at the television press also occur. Remote control flooding, which still need to throw away a "storage box" to organize?

The emergence of a smart products redefine the remote control, or rather gives remote control magic. Intelligent universal infrared controller, and will not change your lifestyle, but to make your life orderly, more intelligent.

Universal infrared controller is a new type of smart home products, using an infrared signal to download any product of IR commands; powerful infrared code library covers the television, set-top boxes, air conditioners and other household appliances, compatible with mainstream brands. Throw away the remote control at home, so that the movable end intelligent management.

Wifi networked intelligent remote control

And compared to conventional remote control, universal infrared support mobile terminal APP, does not require any "learning" and "matching" procedure, just download the corresponding brand, type of product infrared codes, tender management can be achieved. The entity is transferred to the remote phone / tablet terminal designated by wifi Internet easily manage electrical, air conditioning, TV, stereo, TV boxes, lighting and other equipment for the home. Just switch control, you can also tune in a station, adjust the temperature and the like.

Whether or summer or winter, everybody wants to get home to feel the cool / warm, smart sockets can not do alone, it is only energized want remote open, we will need an infrared remote control, you must support the remote function oh. On the way home you can control the air conditioning, open the optimum temperature.

Download IR code without having to learn a step to get

Open universal infrared controller, the phone and the remote control put together, we have carried on each key code learning ... this way OUT friends. Now intelligent infrared remote control does not need to "learn" step, click on the appropriate appliance type, brand and model, automatically download IR codes, simple control panel can be directly manipulated.
     Also explains why this device is also applicable to old friends, the APP client, there are different user interface; four directions around the minimalist model not only provides a large font, and simple control interface, volume, tone under the stage then thick fingers are not afraid press wrong!
      Extended feature allows the lamp controllable
     Not all appliances have a remote control, it is not meant to be part of the appliance can not remote control handset it? In fact, smart home "big integration" concept, as long as the same brand of supporting intelligent hardware, such as light bulbs, switches, sockets and so can achieve remote control via mobile phone APP. The good news, no longer tangled winter lights out of bed.
     More and more home appliances, dazzling variety of remote control, remote control failures encountered, no electricity, when people very crazy, a smart universal infrared remote control to move into the phone, the mobile phone has become the most reliable remote person.

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