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Tips to solve the remote control button


Tips to solve the remote control button

Use the remote control in a long time (especially television set-top box remote control), often occur in the case of the keys did not respond, this time not could not change the channel (channel) is not tune the sound, anyway, give you a key press did not respond, Or sometimes you should look at. Especially up and down channel buttons will appear this phenomenon, people feel worry, irritability top new ones altogether abandoned.

Conductive plastic

    In fact, this problem is often due to the key long-term use of conductive adhesive is gradually grinding to make reasons. Open remote shell, you can see the original exposed in a remote casing outside buttons actually linked together in the back shell is a soft plastic sheet on the back of each key is a concave core pits, Key to getting produce complex role playing; the foveal pit core has a small black round cap tablet form, which is called conductive adhesive. It comes in contact with the circuit board when the button is pressed, the line through the conductive layer is turned on, the role of the switch formation. Frequent keys, its long-term wear, the conductive layer depletion, the circuit board so that the contact resistance between the greater and greater, the turn-on switching loss of function.

Find this reason, our trick is simple: find a finger-sized foil cover, the back surface of the tin stick a small piece of double-sided tape, and then cut the size of myopia black cap, Uncover lining membrane of the double-sided adhesive, paste it into the black hat worn to the tin surface is still low in the recess of the core, so this point instead of tinfoil on the conductive layer. Plastic film homing shell slightly together, battery, try to press the issue is resolved!

Because when the key is in the double-sided adhesive squeeze total state, so it is not easy out. Of course, the conditions can not foil, coated with conductive adhesive dot directly on the black hat, the better.

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