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To the headphone jack implanted infrared remote control


Huawei glory 6 popular, in addition to the power and performance at an affordable price, unique infrared remote control also contributed. The good news is that no infrared module smartphones can "implant" similar functions, while the implant site is being underestimated headphone jack.
Headset has been Xiaoqiao
      In many people's minds, the presence of the headphone jack is used to connect headphones. With the key in meters, 360-bond represented products appear, the headphone jack can serve as a shortcut function is "mine" out. In fact, with the headphone jack unique circuit principle, so that ordinary smart phones get infrared remote control is not a dream.
Super simple transformation principle
      Infrared remote control works is the use of infrared emission control emission of 38KHz carrier signal, the signal is modulated by a 0,1 connotation binary data from the pulse signal. When the TV and air conditioning receive this signal is received will be "translated", so as to realize change channels or lifting the temperature of operation. Interestingly, the left and right channels can be issued 0,1 headphone jack audio encoding, just encoding defined by means of APP, and then through an infrared diode transmits it, the same can achieve a similar effect professional infrared remote control.
      Taobao spot version of the headphone jack with an infrared emitter (after the mobile phone users to buy and insert the headphone jack, just the idea of "Remote Control Wizard" button on the electrical control. Of course, if you feel expensive, and I too have a certain ability, DIY might own a mobile phone with an infrared emitter.
Material preparation: waste 3.5mm headphone plug, two infrared diode (can be purchased or used the remote control from the demolition)
      Transformation process: the two diodes connected to positive and negative level (cathode connected diodes A diode B negative, or vice versa), and then the electric iron welded to the left and right channels 3.5mm headphone plug ( Figure 4). Then you can use the "Remote Control Wizard" for remote control of appliances.
       Theoretically headphone connector for an infrared diode can be, but because the phone audio only 20Khz, requires a dual diode to 38Khz signal superimposed, while the single diode or remote from the past, or that can recognize the device but could not remote. If you care about aesthetics, something you can use a card reader or other cap-shaped cap part and parcel headphone plug diode connected to live.
        Overall, support for infrared glory 6 indeed enviable, but by this method can also be obtained other smart phones like the infrared remote control capability. Unfortunately, this DIY headset infrared remote control can not be achieved "learn" feature, can be compatible home appliances will have to see a list of devices supported by APP side. Nevertheless, with it, your headphone jack usually no longer lonely, family members no longer have failed to find XX remote control and "catch urgency" of the.

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