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Traditional remote control and mouse will be replaced by Air flying squirrel


Air flying squirrels name suggests is that you can turn to fly in the air flow of the mouse. Because of the air flying squirrel built gyroscope can sense changes in direction and speed, as long as you pass through the air waving the mouse, you can precisely control cursor movement computer, Andrews players and other electronic products, no longer need the traditional keyboard and mouse, and it not only has the keyboard and mouse functions, also it integrates voice and somatosensory function, smart TV, set-top boxes and other equipment, human interface devices, to operate the UI through keystrokes and mouse.
     Today, whether at work or amateur leisure life, people are inseparable from the computer. Especially those who love online friends, when in full swing, wait 24 hours before to stay in the computer, but we all know that sat in front of the computer for too long. The human body function is intolerable, and the entire process, the mouse is one of our most frequent operation of equipment, long desk operations, wrist desktop rubs process will feel very pain, shoulder and neck will With endless soreness.
       This time if you can lay a soft sofa or bed playing computer, playing games, that is how comfortable and enjoy. Based on these, people began to demand more of the mouse, we hope the traditional mouse can be improved, and thus meet the multi-level multi-faceted needs of the public.
        Senior air flying squirrel greatly liberated the people's hands, so that people enjoy fashion a new life times! And with it, you're sitting on the couch, lying in bed you can control the computer equipment, enjoy open play somatosensory games, surfing the Internet, and friends chat, and more.

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