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TV and remote control implement shopping


TV shopping

After the rise of the computer shopping, mobile shopping, micro-channel shopping, etc., through the intelligent TV to start shopping grew out signs. Recently, an integrated business platform TV, TV manufacturers and multi-category businesses formed the "E-commerce Internet TV Industry Alliance" began to appear, via Internet TV can be like a computer, mobile shopping, like shopping direct orders.

This is euphemistically called the "Television electricity supplier," the new force, and indeed to our daily shopping to bring a fresh approach, but also to the electricity supplier is increasingly emerging markets has brought new shock. However, fewer and fewer people watching television and more and more under the "old" status quo, with Smart TV to shopping through television electricity supplier, you really habits?

The new shopping

"TV shopping" replacement "new vest"?

Speaking of TV shopping, many consumers fleeting concept is television infomercials. "Bottom of the screen and quickly call ordering it," these words, a classic television shopping lines. In fact, the essence of such TV shopping is a disguised form of advertising. And now coming here, "TV shopping" nor "TV shopping", in fact, another e-commerce, "vest", is the Internet TV electricity supplier, make purchases through the Smart TV platform.

TV's emergence from the current electric domestic Internet TV popularity accelerated. The PRC, according to market research firm estimates, the first half of 2014 domestic smart TV penetration rate of 56%, the activation rate of more than 77%, thus the development of smart TV market quickly the merger, will give TV value-added services, e-commerce bring new opportunities. Earlier, Ali announced and Haier jointly promote Internet TV, music, as aspects into all categories of fresh electricity supplier, these are important signals Television electricity providers speed development. TV business platform, sofa purchase, founder and CEO Ma Qinghu that the Internet smart TV tripartite balance of forces will be formed with PC, mobile phone has become one of the most important future terminal carrying electricity supplier.

Shopping Platform

Electricity supplier resource to TV

In fact, TV shopping has shown signs. Last year, Suning shares online video service provider PPTV time, PPTV aspects to reporters expressed in the future of television shopping video vision: the audience watching the popular video, if you see a certain special favorite commodity, and through smart TV Suning Tesco's electronic business platform to achieve docking, direct consumer orders on TV shopping.

From the shopping category, the television power are also little difference with the vast majority of electricity suppliers. TV-sofa available electricity supplier platform, for example, shopping category brings together the food, the future of life, Hegyi Star, the United States and other well-known online vendors, platform system recharge amount can be used to buy fresh food, rice grain, casual snacks, drinks beverage, household appliances and other 16 categories of thousands of products. In other words, the transfer of resources to the existing electricity supplier TV shopping platform.

In the upstream and downstream industry chain with the newly established e-commerce Internet TV Industry Alliance of China, attracting Skyworth, TCL, Konka, Changhong and many other TV manufacturers and OTT set-top box manufacturers to join. Shopping module preinstalled implant manufacturers of smart television, has installed 22 million smart TV terminals, accounting for China's smart TV market share of 50%, an average increase of more than 1.5 million per month. Expected by the end of 2014, the platform covering more than 60 million terminal, a conservative estimate which will have 40 million active users around the network.

Means of payment

TV pay with less

TV shopping how to pay? The most convenient, of course, television direct payments. However, this is for many consumers may not be familiar with. As early as November 2011, smart TV pay function has been Konka, China UnionPay and Shanghai Media Group (SMG) jointly launched. Only need to press the TV remote control, pay special passage through the family TV with secret mechanisms, tied account, you can complete the payment of public utilities, mobile phone recharge, TV store, credit card payments, balance inquiries and other payments. However, this classic case, so far no breakthrough wider range of applications.

The other big a more common way is to download directly Alipay payment application software in the smart TV platform means to achieve them. Currently widely used Android smart TV platform, optimized and improved on the basis of the Andrew system, with the vast majority of Android App Mobile phone applications, the payment is not the issue. Convenient payment television, require further cultivate the habits of consumers.

How many people are willing to try?

In addition, various networking shopping, the consumer's shopping experience is particularly important. General Manager of the PRC, Consumer Electronics Division, Division Director of Internet Pengxian Dong believes that a great browsing experience affect electricity supplier platform, electricity providers need to achieve user-friendly shopping process technically, reducing commodity search time, improve the response speed of goods to keep the user precise and smooth shopping experience.

Sofa purchase founder Ma Qinghu explained that the Chamber of Commerce TV electrical characteristics according to registered users, viewing behavior and shopping records big data analysis, combined with excellent research and development of interactive visual pattern recognition technology, precision recommended product or shopping list to the user. In the early stages, only stored 3,999 yuan to get the equivalent of Skyworth 42 inches Full HD LED Smart TV, the equivalent of "0 purchase."

But these tools can not always be avoided is that consumer electricity supplier for the nascent television shopping is not enough awareness, shopping habits have not yet formed; and there is a more unavoidable reality is now able to watch TV for a long time the consumers generally mostly in the elderly, their acceptance of the new shopping means the purchasing power of general lack of vitality. Young truly vibrant purchase, now often little or hardly watch TV. TV budding electricity supplier shopping, the real number of people willing to try it?

Smart TV to catch the Internet ride, more functional

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