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Universal Remote Control


Universal Remote Control is now commonly used in the remote terminal life, NICAM, PIP and multi-control functions in the menu, specially designed smooth appearance, comfortable, stylish and beautiful. The world's first without entering any code, easy to operate. The latest development by the United States fast automatic digital search IC system. Channel storage type universal TV remote control, bringing together the world's thousands of models on TV IC code library hundreds of brands, its unique functions without entering any code, any of your favorite store arbitrary program channels and easy automatic quick search system, is your handy operation!

The first method

Isolated representatives from the code table corresponding to the TV remote control three-digit code.
Hold down the [Setup] button and hold (about several seconds) until the indicator lights up, release [Setup] key.
Enter the three-digit code, isolated, each input digit, the indicator flashes about, three digits are entered, lights off, is set up.
NOTE: If more than one set of code isolated, first choice of the first set of codes, if TV brand is not in the code table, try the first or third method. If the flicker or twice or more in a row twice, then enter the wrong code, you need to re-enter the three-digit code.

The second method

Open the TV remote control at the TV, press and hold the [set] button and hold (about several seconds) until the indicator lights release.
Then each time the [+] button or volume [volume -] button, the remote controller will transmit a code, and the indicator light flashes once, repeat this operation until the [volume] symbol on the TV, and then press the [SETUP] button to complete , when the indicator is off.
Check the key function is normal, if not normal reset until you find the correct code.
NOTE: Volume [+] key forward search [volume -] key is backwards searches, searches can be switched with each other, as with [+] in search volume, when [volume] symbol is not stopped in time, can be used [ Volume -] back in time.

The third method

Open the TV remote control at the TV, press and hold the [set] button and hold (about several seconds), until the indicator lights up and release.
Press the [Power] key indicator light is blinking, into the automated search, when the TV [Mute] symbols appear, immediately press the [SETUP] key twice, lights off, search for the code is finished.
Check the key function is normal, if not normal, then re-set, until you find the correct code.
Slot machine remote control code for a custom search method:
1, the left hand to press the "Settings" button does not let go, and then right click on the "Power" button, the indicator light becomes long.
2. Enter the three "0", so that light is off, then the remote control code "000"
3, and then repeat the first mentioned, so indicator light
4, the remote control at the TV receiver window, start by remote control "Volume +" key, press the number to write about digital, "1,2,3,4,5,6, ..... ..300 "patient, after a direct access to a digital TV appeared" volume indicator line ", you release the remote control button, and write down the number, this number is your TV" code. "
5. Click the "Settings" button, the light goes off.
6. Test the code: Repeat the first, so long bright lights, enter the code (three digits)
Note: The code must be three digits, for example, if the code is "8", it is "008", if the code is "68" is "068", if the code "156" is "156."
First, turn on the TV first, then hold down the set button and hold the remote control and then press the power button and then simultaneously release both keys then remote indicator remains then put the remote control at the TV what about the remote control's 'Volume +' keys at the same time to see if the volume of the TV screen has characters appear character appears on the screen and then click the Settings button and finally try if you can use the remote control if not used then set and when the power indicator light when you press about "Volume -" key press is disposed to try it.
Second, the automatic search method:
1. To set the appliance power is turned on, and the remote control at the appliance. (Deviation of not more than about 30 degrees)

2. If the object is a television set, please press the TV button on the remote control 1; if the tuner, press the Tuner button. And so on
3. Press the letter of the remote control to set the key, then press Ch + key, then release both keys simultaneously. (At this point the remote control lights will continue to flash, said it is searching for a desired set of machine code)
4. When the desired set of appliances (such as televisions) do not then when the power is turned off, please press any key and immediately click on the remote control (must be completed within 1.5 seconds), that the locking code.
5. Press the power button on the remote control, if action represents a set. If you can not operate, repeat steps 3, 4.

Note: The use of different products vary, subject to the product description, the above graphic is for reference

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