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Universal Remote Control after trying all the chips mi defense and attack


Smart Home Network News: Recently released millet universal remote control, the first attempt to raise public entrance in millet smart home App. Next week, the congregation raised platform millet, every week on the new product line. Future, should also launch the web version.
MI doing all the chips, both defense is attack.
Defensive millet
Millet intelligent hardware layout started early, forceful, in cooperation with 51 ecological chain enterprises have already invested close.
However, intelligent hardware wilderness period, giants are staking their claims. Latecomer Jingdong, Ali through the integration module, raise public platform, super App, cloud services, technical support and other aspects of voice, step by step hot pursuit. Like music, as the shadow of millet, picked up the pace. Old rival spoiler 360 recently announced camera hardware for free. Next, to optimize the layout of millet, the day will not be very good too.
Intelligent hardware products up to now has not yet appeared phenomenal explosion models, wide net is the most secure choice. All have gone through the various chips is one way to expand the category, Jingdong, Ali progress are good.
Millet is not bad to do all the chips traffic. Currently, millet smart home devices can manage more than 10 million units, millet smart home App Nikkatsu more than 200 million users, purchase data millet App on smart home is also good. These flow idle is idle, it is better to use.
Millet attack
Millet always wanted to import electricity provider, to establish small-meter-high quality electricity supplier brands. Hardware, now has basically been formed in the following figure pyramid pattern.
Millet make electricity providers can be successful, important factor is the grasp of user needs, the supply chain of the control. Supply chain resources have been used to get real money, it has been very low marginal cost. At this stage, 51 companies have invested in the ecological chain, covering most of the demand may have been previously discovered millet.
Raised by the public, to help businesses validate requirements, in fact, millet can also help collect more needs to find more potential partners or investment targets. Fuller use of supply chain resources in the future.
Compared to the partial sale of the public to raise Jingdong, Taobao public chips, millet to do more to raise public want to cut demand verification link, can be exposed to more early in the project. On the other hand, users have been very close to the congregation millet raise real users - fans, geeks, loving early adopters, millet is also likely to help the public to raise millet trapping these early users of smart home.
However, there is not millet develop screening criteria, can do specifically to see to what extent the time also received.

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