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we need more than just a remote control


      In recent years, white circle has been circulating a "legend", white intelligence "legend", a lot of people actually do not know refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioning also how intelligent, Xiao Bian today and we talk about the intelligent technology, there are not that god.
Look intelligent Big Data
      According to Ovid cloud network statistics show that the first half of 2015, the refrigerator market to achieve retail sales of 18.56 million units, up 2.7%, retail sales of 49.8 billion yuan, an increase of 5.5%, 0.2% penetration of smart refrigerator sales.
      The first half of 2015 sales of household air conditioners end retail market, the size of 25,509,000 units, up 0.5 percent; sales amounted to 84.55 billion yuan scale, down 6.6 percent, intelligent air-conditioning sales penetration rate of 15.2, an increase of 13.4%.
      The first half of 2015, the washing machine market to achieve retail sales of 15.58 million units, up 6.7%, retail sales of 29 billion yuan, an increase of 8.0%, the amount of smart growth 158.3% overall retail market, retail sales rose 166.0 percent.
      We found three white, the washing machine intelligent process slowest, only only 0.2% penetration, while rapidly increasing the proportion of air conditioners and refrigerators, in 2014 China's GDP growth in 1990 fell to the lowest since 7.4 percent, the domestic macro economic development, structural adjustment to shift from economic growth, making the white power industry with the times, a market saturation has entered a period of structural adjustment phase, the transformation and upgrading imminent, intelligence also under steady forward trend.
Remote control - the new hot spot of intelligent white
      We certainly still very confused, do exactly what intelligent white new breakthroughs allow consumers to live a different life, a look at the major new features in the current small to give us sort of a higher intelligence of white.
Smart Washing machine: intelligent detection volume and clothing materials, automatic matching washing process, automatically add the appropriate amount of detergent, convenient operation, you can remote control (including switch, check the remaining washing time, etc.).
Smart Refrigerator: Things remote control, food preservation intelligent management, intelligent recommendation recipes.
      Automatic climate control: remote control switch, realize remote fault diagnosis, can collect consumer data, to remember the user optimum application temperature.
      From small series finishing materials, we found that almost every smart appliances have a feature called "remote control" by phone & APP to manipulate, which involves a new term "Internet of Things."
What things? Eat?
      Things are the first to be presented in 1999: the adoption of radio frequency identification (RFID) (RFID + Internet), infrared sensors, global positioning systems, laser scanners, gas sensors and other information sensing device, according to the agreed protocol, to any Items connected to the Internet, information exchange and communication, in order to achieve intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management of a network. In short, things are "connected to the Internet."
      It's Marauder's definition: the use of other local networks or Internet communications technology to sensors, controllers, machines, people and other objects in a new way linked together to form objects, things and objects associated, and information technology, remote management control and intelligent network. Things is an extension of the Internet, it includes all of the resources on the Internet and the Internet, is compatible with all Internet applications, but all the elements (all the equipment, resources and communications, etc.) are personalized and privatization IOT.
      For consumers, things to bring our white intelligent then you establish links between it and realize the remote control, or even that it is capable of your remote mobile terminals (phones, tablets) becomes into your remote control, but you can ignore the distance.
      Intelligent Back to cumbersome things still too "young"
      Things sound really very big on, but think about it, at this stage, it really give white bring intelligent it?
For example he says, you say let me install a phone APP, then, and I said, now I can control my air-conditioning, so I used the one minute time connected to the network, open the APP, meal operation, then just To open my air conditioning, obviously this is 2 seconds on the remote control to do things, why spend so much more time? Well, then you say this is the remote control, ah, why do you use it at home? I can only say that you win, I spend three thousand five thousand to buy a smart air conditioning, but more had presented the results of your remote control station.
      Also, for example, a star out of a washing machine, very high-end, you can remotely control the washing machine switch, and can view the remaining time washing, small series can not help but also Tucao, but you forget to turn on the washing machine out there would be no case for you to use to Washer switch remote control? Do the laundry but also the hour of it?
      Examples of such intelligence is too much for now, and more people can not accept is that if you buy smart appliances of different brands, according to the current setting, is it necessary to install all purchases branded APP, full remote control software screen is really not dizzy it?
Things really are intelligent start, but before the smart industry standard white no introduction, Xiao Bian can only use the Internet more fire now, "and then the eggs," the three characters to describe it.
      What we want is what intelligence?
      Xiao Bian think real intelligent white should be such that, when you end a busy day, when home air conditioning has set the most suitable temperature, after a while, refrigerator help you order the ingredients have given you by the relevant personnel to the door, you put dirty clothes thrown into the washing machine today, after you eat a bath, washing machine has been drying your clothes before going to bed, leave your voice message notes on the refrigerator, let your children go to school tomorrow, do not forget Bring inside the fruit, all busy, back to bed, air conditioning has been set up you usually sleep most common temperature, the point is, all of this is to get rid of "remote control" automatically, you do not need any operation, they can record your habits and deduction.
      Intelligent white should not be "dead", they exist to give people the most perfect life experience, and now smart white market is still stuck in the "switch" problem, can step out of this, we will be able to get sublimation, although basically useless things in this stage, "switch" system has also been criticized, but Rome was not built in a day, it is the beginning of a smart white only success lay the "foundation" in order to ensure the subsequent development, I believe that in the near future It will usher in not just white all aspects of intelligent life.
      Dong Mingzhu Gree Electric chairman said in an interview expressed his understanding of the smart home, "What is a smart home? I get a phone call to see the temperature of the house smart home? Not a smart home must be has the connotation of something that is to give consumers a healthy, safe, comfortable and convenient. You do not really care about it intelligence, it automatically can achieve what you want, it is called intelligent.

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