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What is a PC remote control? What is the function?


1. What is the PC remote control:
        PC remote control is a new, replace the traditional keyboard, mouse, for operating, controlling external devices home multimedia computers. General appearance similar to traditional TV remote control; the function is similar to the traditional mouse and keyboard.
       With appliance design, computer integrated remote control and family environment, and the operation is simple, long-range precision control of environmental health, both young and old Jieke easy to use, is the best partner home computer.
       2, PC remote control application areas:
       PC remote control is suitable for the living room, bedroom and other home computer environment, long distance precision operation, control the living room computer, bedroom computer, HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer abbreviation of the home theater PC) and other home computers, high-definition video , music and other multimedia playback, web browsing and other functions.
    3, the computer has a remote control what functions:
    General computer remote control not only like DVD remote control, TV remote control multimedia playback control buttons, a key to achieve "songs, watch DVDs, play control, track selection, photo viewing, slide shows, Internet, volume adjustment, mute shutdown "and all conventional multimedia playback operations. There are many unique features computer keys, such as: a key to boot, a key window switch, a button to display the desktop, a key to close the window or program, a key to play, a key page, a mute button and the like. This is the traditional mouse and keyboard can not match.
    Moreover, some computer remote control, such as W-King (Louisville crystal) W6, not only to support "one key turn", is also designed with customizable keyboard shortcuts, after a simple setup, you can achieve a key to open the corresponding computer commonly Software, such as STORM, QQ, Chien music, very practical.
    With the development of technology, PC remote control can also be integrated into the Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and other major home video game somatosensory large-scale application of control technology. In W-King (Louisville crystal) somatosensory PC remote control G3 • air mouse, for example, the user only G3 • Qingwo Qinghui air mouse in the air to move the mouse pointer in any direction can be realized on a computer screen precision movement; and Users simply touch G3 • air mouse button on, you can achieve a similar left and right mouse button function.
      Use somatosensory technology, making the brain somatosensory remote control at the same time transform into a cost-effective somatosensory game controller.
      4, PC remote control for what the crowd:
       PC remote control for those who prefer using a host computer at home, large screen LCD TV made watching m ovies, listening to music, viewing pictures, playing the game the crowd. Also suitable for mouse and keyboard are not familiar with complex operations, and those who need to stay away from computer radiation.
       Compared with the traditional keyboard and mouse, PC remote control without the desktop, any position can be realized aerial remote computer, accurate, free to manipulate the vast majority of multimedia applications key to achieve a uniform, more suitable for the pursuit of freedom, chic, comfortable, stylish, health, environmental protection, consumer purchase.
        Moreover, PC remote control multifunction shortcut key design, allows users to control a computer using the PC remote control becomes like with the remote control TV, DVD as easy and convenient, ideal for children and senior citizens are not familiar with the use of computer operation; at the same time, computer remote control can achieve long-distance control, environmental health away from the radiation, but also very suitable for pregnant women need to stay away from computer radiation, children and other people.
       5, PC remote control Category:
        Classification signal from the transmission technology, the current computer remote control is divided into two categories: infrared and 2.4GHz.
        The advantage is that infrared technology is mature, low prices. A straight line from the general PC remote control infrared remote control of the city in about 10 meters, and the signal is stable, the price is not high.
         There is a drawback infrared remote control blind. Because there is a limit acceptance angle infrared receiver, so when you install the receiver, but also pay attention to the receiver in a place easy to see, before the receiver can not have opaque object to block, so the receiver can not receive the signal, but can not be PC remote control. When the remote computer, the remote control receiving portion opposite to the receiver, the angle of deviation is preferably in the upper and lower, each less than 45 degrees left and right, then the received signal is the strongest. When using the TV remote control they should have a profound experience.
     Compared with infrared, 2.4GHz advantage, not only mature technology, cost is not high, and there is no signal blind area, about 10 meters long distances can be achieved in either direction of the remote control.
    To adopt 2.4G wireless technology W-King (Louisville crystal) G3 • air mouse, for example, the signal reception unlimited range, to achieve a remote control without blind spots, no restraint, both in that position, even if there are obstacles, can still achieve Accurate control of the computer.

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