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What is a universal remote control?


Universal remote control can often be used instead contain TV, cable box, VCR, DVD player or stereo system equipment factory remote. In most cases, it can be programmed to operate a number of electronic devices, does not require a single remote control. Not all wireless systems are compatible and universal remote control, but these brand names and model equipment manufacturers typically provide a list can be programmed.

With so many electronic entertainment system with wireless technology that allows consumers to abandon the independent single-function remote control. This may lead to a situation, if the TV is equipped with a single-function remote control, you must manually adjust the VCR or DVD remote control still work. Fortunately, a few companies realize the need for a unprogrammed electronic equipment - universal remote control. He lost a Sanyo television and Hitachi's DVD remote client should not buy the factory issued two alternatives. In the world of consumer electronics products, the programming code for both models is a known quantity, which invented the first universal remote control.

In principle, the universal remote control, you can control an unlimited number of devices with limited coding. There may be a lot of TV, stereo and DVD player manufacturers, but they all use the same frequency and minority programming code. By identifying and lists individual code used by the manufacturer, a universal remote control can copy the original remote control functions. Consumers only need to find a list of brands and their coding electronic device model, and then use the function keys to enter the necessary information.

Different models of remote control of different electronic devices, so consumers should be selected accordingly. Some models only replace one system, such as television, while other brands can control all sales of products, all electronic devices from the TV to the cable box to the DVD player. If the remote control to operate multiple systems for different device keyboard controls should exist. Function keys for each system should be considered first, so remote know which devices you want to control. Sometimes, the user forgets to change the function, resulting in improper operation, because TV is still closed, but suddenly the sound opens.

However, there are some disadvantages, having a universal remote control. Not all system passwords, ensure ease of programming. Find the appropriate values unknown device would involve a series of complicated experiments. If it loses battery power, all the individual encoding may be lost. This may mean manually reprogramming four separate devices. Some consumers find universal remote control does not provide the same functionality as key as the original controller. The basic functions of each device user can perform, but not remotely using the more advanced features.

Order cheap universal remote controller factory released, it can be a loss of functionality and more complex programming to find good alternatives.

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