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Wireless remote control technology principle


Wireless remote control technology principle

Wireless remote control technology principle is to transmit electrical signals to control the first encoded and then modulated infrared or FM radio, AM radio waves transmitted convert. The receiver receives the radio waves carrying the information, after decoding by the amplifier to obtain the original control electrical signal, the electrical signal and then power-amplified, and then drive the associated electrical components, remote wireless remote control. This is the basic principle of the wireless remote control.

Wireless remote control circuit diagram

Common household remote is commonly used in infrared remote control, wireless remote control is rare burglar alarm equipment, remote control doors, remote control cars, etc. with radio remote control.

General use infrared remote control transmitter and receiver, short-range wireless remote control. Such as TV, air conditioning, remote control, etc., in the case of this type. Long-distance wireless remote control, the general use of the FM or AM transmitter and receiver technology, somewhat similar to the walkie-talkie or cell phone transmitter and receiver technology, but at different frequencies only.

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