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SPIN Remote, you will love it


Recently, a product in Kickstarter to raise the public, to not introduce what function, first picking about its "content": earthquake kits, buzzers, motion sensors, motherboards, durable waterproof silicone plates, multifunction indicator, touch sensor, battery boxes, LED, low power Bluetooth, 360-degree wide-angle infrared LED and capacitive touch screen. What can guess, right?
SPIN remote configuration
It is understood that this is a substitute family want the remote control smart remote control of home electronic devices SPIN Remote. With all the control class intelligent hardware, the need for a mobile phone APP and have equipment corresponding wireless communication protocol. Appropriate, SPIN Remote support of the majority supported the infrared TV air conditioning. SPIN Remote lion siege by the technical team, composed of market operations and product managers.

From a product perspective, he said, SPIN Remote features and see the market demand where?
· SPIN Remote "liberation" of the phone, manual control. Specifically, the following scenario:
SPIN remote usage scenarios
When you want to turn on the TV when the rotation about; when you want a turntable, you rotate the table by pressing; when you want to adjust the sound volume when brought to rotate; when you want to light, facing the lamp rotation. When you want to stop the current video, tap the touch bottom.

The problem here may have the accuracy of two, the first action identified. Stereo and television ordinary families get very close, so you rotate, you know how the TV sound control what? These scenes we can see, the rotary switch means and adjusting functions. While the official also claimed that the product has the ability to learn, you can set the phone .... In this regard, we can not express what, because it was on sale next year in September.

And the second question, the complex pattern of infrared appliances and SPIN Remote simple manipulation of contradictions. For example, the ancient home of the infrared air-conditioned, it has refrigeration, air and dehumidifying mode, if I want air, that I want to rotate a few? Oh, my God, I have to remember what the rotation radian air conditioning, TV rotate much curvature, why not just picked up the remote control? In this regard, the official said this is: "SPIN Remote can not replace all of your all buttons on the remote control, it just brings together the ones that you use frequently." & "You can also pick up your phone to SPIN Remote sends a signal, and then through it to control your home appliances. "
· SPIN Remote support not intelligent devices
SPIN remote setting the volume
Yes, you read that right, it does not support Wi-Fi network, that is to say, most of the Wi-Fi appliances available in the market do not have access. Of course, some of what ZigBee, Z-Wave do not want, it supports only the infrared, and Bluetooth links Phone APP, the APP in some settings. As to what can be provided on the APP, because there is no finished product come out do not know, this stuff until next year September to sale. It estimated that many things are in research and development. Yes, it is not networking features, in power in networking equipment, intelligent home flying era, this product is really in the Guards and the line! But also it has its value.

Currently, smart home pace difficult problem because in addition to technological breakthroughs, as well as the public perception of the problem of household appliances. For household appliances, many people like durable, practical and easy to use, best use several years. Most home appliances now infrared control, and manual control, while SPIN Remote just fill this gap, the reason just in this transition period, and this is the existence of a market SPIN Remote. Because the remote control is really more a hassle, but with Wi-Fi remote control is not realistic, after all, is not a lot of smart home appliances.

At present, this product in the congregation to raise, are interested can go to the kickstarter support it.

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